Today, Bobble revolutionizes the world of vape by offering a new concept of vaping with premium quality French juices and powerful in taste.

With our 45 French mono-aroma e-liquids, rich and balanced, the shop that owns the Bobble bar invites the vaper to fill his / her reusable bottle using a dispenser provided free of charge by Bobble.

It is indeed a bottle of mono-flavor e-liquid with a capacity of 70 ml, the vaper can fill it at its convenience in 60 or 70 ml with the desired dose of nicotine.

Like a bartender, he / she will be able to add one or more boosters to our liquid (0, 3, 6, or 9mg/ml), in comfort thanks to the new technology teat unscrewable from our Oscar flask. 

The displays are customizable and adaptable to the space available in each shop, the 1L bottles are equipped with a dispenser thus allowing the shop to reduce the storage of 10ml vials.

The High Quality Made in France, the very interesting margin for the seller and the attractive prices are all the more elements that make it possible to vape intelligently.

Finally, our conviction towards our flavors and our concept is so strong that we implement a policy of "satisfied or refunded" for our customers!


We are committed to providing you with your e-liquid as soon as possible.


Free shipping from 120 € including VAT.


Buy what you want to buy and grab as many bottles of Bobble as you need ! Compose your vapo-bar yourself !


Bobble is "Made in France". That's why we opt for reliable and high quality ingredients to be worthy of this label. All our e-liquids are manufactured in our CEFOP laboratory and have been carefully analyzed.


A bar where mono-aroma flavors are poured into 40 ml pods, it is unheard of ! No bulky installations, no complex products imposed, the mono-aroma Bobble range is an innovative dedication to first-time vapers who until now had to settle for 10 ml bottles at low prices.


Just because an e-liquid is affordable doesn't mean it's not of good quality. Bobble votes for transparency and we don't hide anything from our customers. This is why the safety data sheets of each e-liquid are freely accessible on the site All our juices have been carefully analyzed.


At Bobble, we do not remain indifferent to ecological problems. That's why we decided to choose a responsible vape by reducing our environmental impact on the planet by offering customers OSCAR bottles of 60 or 70 ml refillable. The process is, moreover, simple and pleasant thanks to the innovative teat technology that is easily unscrewed.


Our pricing schedule is simple, transparent and fair. The proposed price per 1 l bottle is a perfect balance between an affordable price for the consumer and an economic interest for the shop.